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Curriculum Design

Map and design employee learning pathways, on-demand micro-learning, leadership development, masterclasses, bootcamps, podcasts, mobile learning, and more. 

Scripts & Storyboard

Compose custom narrative, educational, technical and copywriting pieces optimized to your platform and audience.


SME Interviews

Capture expert advice and stories with curiosity and empathy-driven interview approach. Weave in video to bring a human touch to your content.


Consult on Learning Management System, micro-learning platform, animation, video, audio, or other technology solutions to deliver content to your learners.

project portfolio


Animation Storyboard Example for Fintech Client

Daily drip email course
hosted at Highbrow Learning

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partners & praise

partners & praise
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Victoria Feldman,

Global Learning Manager at Uber

"Emily was our "go-to" person for instructional design! She created and designed multiple leadership development programs for 700 leaders at Uber.

She did an impeccable job understanding our needs and context, working under tight deadlines, shifting the gears (when needed), and building high-quality training products ranging from in-person/virtual training to self-led resources.


On the top of that, she is very pleasant to work with and I truly hope we'll have more opportunities to work together in the future."



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