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Bring Your Vision to Life

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Unlock Your Organization's Potential with Innovative Learning Solutions

Welcome to Emily Stone Consulting, where cutting-edge approaches meet proven methodologies to revolutionize your learning and development journey.

As a seasoned Learning Strategy Consultant, I help individuals and organizations harness the power of tailored learning solutions to achieve extraordinary results. Whether you're seeking to: 

  • create and launch an online course, microlearning library, video series, podcast, certification program, or other learning asset 

  • improve customer training or employee onboarding 

  • transform your team's capabilities

  • infuse AI into training creation and delivery

"My Expertise is Your Catalyst for Success"

Learn. Grow. Excel.

Tools I've used and am proficient with...

About Emily

With a rich background spanning education, business, and technology, I bring a unique perspective to learning strategy. My mission is simple: to empower learners with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

My Approach:

- Personalized Solutions: No two learners are alike. I craft strategies that resonate with your organization's specific needs and goals.
- Innovation Meets Tradition: I blend cutting-edge techniques with time-tested methods for optimal results.
- Continuous Improvement: In a world of constant change, I ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Areas of Subject Matter Expertise:

- Educational Technology Integration

- Online Learning Quality Assessment
- Adult Learning Strategies & Behavior Change Strategies
- K-12 Math Education
- AI Integration in Business Strategy & Operations
- Generative AI for Content Creation
- Podcasting
- Women's Health in Pregnancy & Postpartum

- Nutrition and Integrated Health Coaching

I can help you create

Assets to Wow Your Stakeholders

eLearning Modules


Podcast Episodes

Video Interviews

Animated Videos

Leadership Development Programs

Customer Training


Sales Training

Technical Training

Quality Training


Tailored Learning Solutions Aligned to Your Strategy

Learning Strategy & Technology Consulting

Save time and money with expert recommendations on tools and instructional strategies for your initiative.

Team Development Workshops

Elevate your organization's performance with customized group seminars that foster collaboration and innovation.

Comprehensive Training Programs

 Transform your workforce with agile, mobile-friendly training initiatives that align with your business goals.

AI Integration Consulting

  Harness the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize your learning and business strategies.

Educational Technology Implementation

Seamlessly integrate technology tools into your learning environment for enhanced engagement and outcomes.

Top Companies I Have Worked With
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Why Choose Emily?


Diverse Expertise

From K-12 teaching to AI integration, my multifaceted background ensures a holistic approach to learning.


Proven Track Record

Successful collaborations with individuals and organizations across various sectors.


Stay ahead with strategies that incorporate the latest in learning science and technology.

Innovative Thinking


Your goals are unique, and your learning strategy should be too.

Personalized Attention


I'm committed to your long-term success, providing ongoing guidance and resources. 

Continuous Support


What My Clients Have to Say

"Emily was our "go-to" person for instructional design! She created and designed multiple leadership development programs for 700 leaders at Uber.

She did an impeccable job understanding our needs and context, working under tight deadlines, shifting the gears (when needed), and building high-quality training products ranging from in-person/virtual training to self-led resources.


On the top of that, she is very pleasant to work with and I truly hope we'll have more opportunities to work together in the future."

Victoria Feldman,

Global Learning Manager at Uber

"This was the first online course

that I have ever taken.

It was so well organized and I was quickly relieved of my stress for keeping up

with an online course.
The expectations were clear and the projects and activities were practical and fun.


Emily gave very thoughtful and helpful feedback throughout the course. You could tell how passionate she was about teaching with technology and understanding how people learn best."

Online Instructor and content contributor for top-ranked
Ed Tech Grad Program at MSU since 2009


Emily is one of the most consummate professionals with whom I've ever had the pleasure of working. Adjectives that come to mind immediately upon hearing Emily's name include: hyper professional; reliable; excellent at client management; masterful at instructional design; ambitious; a life-long learner.

Emily is equally capable of - and successful at - working independently or on a team with others. An expert at time management and prioritization skills, she requires little direction to consistently produce quality work on time.

Most impressively, Emily is a big picture thinker. Her ability to contextualize even the most tactical of instructional design tasks or the smallest piece of a learning design, and understand (and strengthen) its value to overall learner experience is beyond impressive and is a testament to her dedication to her craft.

Cyndy Witz-Gebhardt,

Learning & Development Leader

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